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diciembre 02, 2020 3 min read

Karli Postel Schroeder has worn many hats (or rather, helmets) over the years, but recently took on two new and exciting roles: wife and business owner. Karli and her husband Simon are both accomplished riders and trainers, so when we heard that they were teaming up professionally, we couldn’t wait to learn more about their plans. This dynamic duo gave us the inside scoop on their partnership, their perspective on the horse industry and their approach to buying, training and selling horses. Read on to hear from Karli herself: 

Calverro: You two recently got married and started a new business (Congratulations!). Tell us about the transition from spouses to business partners.

Karli: The transition has actually been really fun! We have always been able to talk about horses & different situations surrounding them. However, now being able to put our heads together and make united decisions about each horse is new. Simon brings perspectives and training tips from his jumper background & applies them to the hunter ring. I have found it helps me get the best jump out of the horses! 

Calverro: What roles do each of you assume in the business? 

Karli: I’m the organizer & task handler. I feel confident in the horseshow office, time management, & communication. Simon is the mastermind of the horses feed schedules, exercise & training plans, & the vet work. He is a true horseman & it makes me proud how hands on he is. 

Calverro: What makes your business and your approach to training and selling sporthorses unique?

Karli: Our goal is to keep our business personal. We want to have a relationship with the horses & the clients. To listen not only to what the customer is looking for, but also to what the horses need. We feel that if we do this, we will have a better understanding on how to successfully pair horses & riders. 

Calverro: What is something in the industry that you have set out to change or revolutionize?

Karli: A huge goal of ours is to build a barn that emphasizes a relationship between the rider & horse. In today’s world, it is hard to find the time to groom your horse or to muck out the stall; however, doing these tasks helps you better understand your horse. We understand that it is not an everyday reality, but we plan to encourage our riders to take the chance when they have the opportunity. 

Calverro: We heard you imported some new sales horses. What do you look for when choosing horses?

Karli: Being originally from Germany, Simon has maintained his connections with breeders all over Europe. We start by looking at places we have an established relationship with. The next step is to search for horses that are straightforward & simple. This type will always be useful! We are constantly searching for the stand out horse; however, often what you will have more success in America with is something that is kind, easy & reliable. Not only do we want them to be simple while riding, but also on the ground.

Calverro: What do you think is the most important factor in matching a horse and rider in the sales process?

Karli: Riding is a sport based on feeling. It is highly important to have a sense of a rider. You must watch the rider, recognize what they do on a horse, & listen to what makes them feel comfortable. If you have an understanding of these factors, it will help you find their unicorn. 

Calverro: What is your favorite part about working in the industry?

Karli: Being able to wake up everyday & work with animals is truly a blessing 

Calverro: What advice do you have for someone wanting to buy a young horse?

Karli: Our advice is to understand that a young horse is a process & to think of it as an adventure. Not every day will be perfect, but set short term goals to help remind yourself where the horse started & how far it has come. 

Calverro: Who has been the most influential person in each of your riding careers? 

Karli: Archie Cox is the most influential person in my career. He helped shape me into the rider I am today through giving me endless opportunities to travel the country with him & work at the top level of the sport. 

Herbert Meyer is the most influential person for Simon. He worked under Herbert for many years & developed countless young horses with Herbert’s guidance. Simon was able to compete at some of the biggest venues in the world including Aachen on Herbert’s horses.

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