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June 12, 2020 2 min read

Starting a business at any time is a risk. Launching a business in a pandemic seems crazy, right? While no one would have planned it this way, this is the timing we were dealt. So, we look for ways to manage, deal with the situation and run a new business.

Despite the circumstances, we are lucky that Calverro can still operate, fulfill orders online and ship them safely to your home. But others in the horse industry aren’t able to continue to run their businesses. They’ve fallen victim of canceled shows and shuttered stables due to COVID-19.

Most of us grew up with a love of horses. Some found their passion later in life. In either case almost as a prerequisite, we hold horses and other animals dear and are cheerleaders for the sport. We feel deeply for school horses that can’t be fed, braiders with no business, grooms unemployed and others who are impacted by the global shutdown. It’s that sense of community that compelled us to reach out to the Equestrian Aid Foundation and offer what we could to help.

The Equestrian Aid Foundation’s mission is to provide emergency, lifesaving financial grants to horsemen and women coping with loss of income due to catastrophic injury or illness. EAF invests in the future of its recipients, giving them the resources to recover and thrive in the face of adversity. Now, due to COVID-19, their work has never been more important or impactful for those in the horse world who need any type of aid. Life can change in an instant and people can suffer loss of any kind and face an uncertain future. The Equestrian Aid Foundation is there for equestrians when they need it most. Since their founding in 1996, they have raised over $3 million in grant-based support. They have given the promise of hope to breeders, farriers, grooms, riders, trainers and other members of our community. 

The foundation’s COVID-19 response is supported by Clinics for a Cause, Dressage Shows Online, Samshield America and Riderzon. We are proud to join in by contributing to their efforts. Calverro is donating 15% of the proceeds of our sales to the EAF’s Disaster Relief Fund.

The love of the sport builds a bond with our horse community. We encourage you to continue to reach out to each other and build upon the connection that we share. If you are able, donate directly to the EAF or any other related charitable organization. We are all in this together. 

At Calverro, we are here for you and open for business.

Go toEquestrian Aid Foundation to learn more about their mission, the work they do and what you can do to help.

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